Bergfest 2022 - Bergfestvibes on Ocean Drive

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Sa. 11.06.2022
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Campus of the TU Ilmenau
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Students and members of the Universität

From June 11-18 we celebrate the Bergfest week, according to the motto: "Bergfest Vibes on Ocean Drive - party duty in the neon lights!".This year we are thematically going to Miami of the 80s - that means neon lights, electronic music, sunshine and beach.

More info at: https://www.bergfest-ev.de/

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket store.

About the Bergfest

If the half of the study time is reached, the appropriate Matrikel celebrates "Bergfest". This has also been a tradition in Ilmenau for over 50 years. Initially organized by the respective semesters themselves, it started with individual dance evenings and Bergfest lectures far away from the usual lecture material. Over the years, more and more events were organized as part of the Bergfest: A soap box race, the beer athlon, a club rotation, smaller concerts and other festivities. This gradually ensured that from a small custom, a whole festival week full of events developed, which also attracted the attention of all students.