Citizens' Campus: "Asparagus from the Gendarmenmarkt". Agriculture & Nutrition - A Success Story East

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Fr. 13.10.2023
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The entire agricultural sector in the GDR, as well as the food industry, underwent far-reaching changes with reunification, for example with regard to production and cultivation conditions, animal welfare and high technology from the field to the barn. In contrast to other sectors of the economy, however, efficient and successful farms emerged. Today, the East German agricultural and food industry can compete with national and European competitors in terms of market quality and regional freshness, including labor productivity.

This development will be explored in the lecture.

The speaker, Peter Heinze, was born in Arnstadt in 1941, first learned the trade of butcher, then earned his Abitur at the DHfK in Leipzig and subsequently studied journalism at the university there. From 1966 to 1992, he worked as an editor at ADN headquarters in Berlin. His main subject areas were sports, politics and military policy.

From 1971 to 1973 he reported as a correspondent on Egypt. After reunification, the freelance journalist was also a member of the Federal Press Conference e.V. and accompanied the reconstruction of the East for a Bonn press agency for many years, also writing about the Bundeswehr as an army of unity.

In his lecture, the speaker will report on some of the stages of his special life.