Citizens' Campus: Decibel - what is it actually? Interesting facts and curiosities about acoustics and noise

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Fr. 19.04.2024
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Noise excites the mind. Noise is unpleasant, it can even damage your health. But what is noise anyway? It is often in the eye of the beholder - or rather: in the ear of the listener - when noise is disturbing. For some, techno or heavy metal music is noise, for others it's just turning up the volume. For some, a symphony concert is noise, for others it is melodious harmony. Noise is only ever made by others, but not by your own dog when it barks. But even if noise ultimately depends on subjective perception, there are objective physical measurements that can be used to clearly record sounds.

In his lecture at the TU Ilmenau Bürgercampus, Prof. Joachim Bös, Head of the Group of Industrial Applications of Media Technologies at the TU Ilmenau and Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT, explains the science of acoustic events.

What is the difference between sound pressure, sound power and sound intensity? Can 60 decibels be louder than 80 decibels? How is volume indicated on the energy label of household or garden appliances? And what is the A rating all about? Prof. Bös not only answers these questions, he also explains that so-called explanatory articles in the media about the world of acoustics often contain frightening errors. And he talks about the myths and rumors surrounding units such as the decibel.


Admission: 5€