Citizens' Campus: Poppo the VII of Henneberg - a medieval count in difficult waters

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Fr. 21.04.2023
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They were burgraves of Würzburg, monastery bailiffs, Franconian counts: In the 12th and 13th centuries, the Hennebergs enjoyed great prestige. Around 1200, Count Poppo VII inherited a rich fortune. However, asserting one's own position of power was not a matter of course for a high medieval ruler. Political ambitions had to be won in often arduous battles, possessions had to be secured in tough negotiations. Count Poppo of Henneberg had to deal with powerful opponents: Bishop Hermann I of Würzburg and Landgrave Ludwig IV of Thuringia.

The lecture will trace the conflicts with both powers. In addition, it will be shown in what way they shaped the development of the county of Henneberg for the following centuries.