Citizens' Campus: Product development - impact on research and teaching

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Fr. 30.09.2022
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Röntgenbau Weimarer Straße 27
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Prof. Dr. Stefan Husung - TU Ilmenau

Quo vadis? Product Development - Implications for Research and Teaching


In our everyday lives, we use numerous technical products that make our lives easier. These include cars, cell phones, coffee machines, etc. To ensure that we can use these products according to our needs and that the products also function safely, do not pollute the environment too much, etc., the products must be comprehensively developed. Product development has to deal with numerous challenges in the process. Among other things, customer expectations are moving more and more toward the realization of solutions, the specifications for sustainability as well as economic efficiency of products are increasing, and globalization, business model adaptations, etc. are bringing new requirements and constraints with them. In order to meet these challenges, the goal of research is to develop procedures, methods and models that specifically support developers in their tasks. In addition to research, teaching is particularly important for imparting the relevant competencies to students. In addition to technical competencies, these are today primarily methodological and social competencies. The lecture discusses relevant current challenges and implications for research and teaching of product development.