Citizens' Campus: The end of the fluorescent lamp

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Fr. 08.12.2023
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Many people have probably not yet noticed that fluorescent lamps may no longer be manufactured or imported in the EU since August 23. The lamps popularly known as "neon tubes" are being "phased out", just as incandescent lamps were more than 10 years ago. The mercury contained in the lamps is to be banned from the environment. In a few years' time, when the last fluorescent lamps have reached the end of their service life and the stocks have been used up, they will finally no longer be part of our everyday lives.

In his lecture at the TU Ilmenau Citizens' Campus, Prof. Christoph Schierz, Head of the Lighting Engineering Group at the TU Ilmenau, begins with a historical review of the history of the fluorescent lamp. After explaining how they work, he then describes the upcoming phasing out process, which is stipulated by last year's revision of the EU directive on the restriction of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. At the end of his presentation, Prof. Schierz introduces the modern LED replacement solutions for fluorescent lamps.