Lux junior 2023

The 16th Forum for Young Lighting Engineers will take place from June 23 to 25, 2023. more

The contents of the Lux junior 2021 papers have been published in the Digital Library Thuringia and can be read here.

LIGHT Experience Day

Offer for a LIGHT experience day in a well-known company of the lighting industry.

Dates for excursions:
12.7.2022 Visit to PtB in Braunschweig
15.7.2022 Excursion to the PRACHT company in Dautphetal

Handover of funding for the "Chronolite" project

In the Chronolite project, researchers at the Lighting Engineering Group want to adjust the lighting in cars, trains and airplanes to the chronobiological clock of passengers for the first time. To this end, they are developing intelligent sensors that communicate data to a cloud.  read more

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