Citizens' Campus: The Wolfram Chandelier in Erfurt Cathedral. News about a work of art from the 12th century

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Fr. 14.06.2024
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Erfurt Cathedral has a life-size bronze candelabra figure that is generally referred to as "Wolfram" after the name in its belt inscription. It is dated to the later 12th century and has long been the subject of research, including the questions of who it is supposed to represent and where it was made. A few years ago, the surprising hypothesis was put forward that it was originally an Aaron figure in the Erfurt synagogue and only came to St. Mary's Cathedral after the pogrom of 1349. This assumption has triggered new, far-reaching investigations into the "Wolfram" from various sides. Their results will be presented, as well as the questions that remain unanswered about this unique piece of the Mariendom.

Prof. Dr. Karl Heinemeyer has taught since 1992 as a professor specializing in medieval history and regional history at the University of Education Erfurt/Mühlhausen and from 2001 at the University of Erfurt, even after his retirement in 2005.