Citizens' Campus: Energy supply at a crossroads - Quo vadis?

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Fr. 15.03.2024
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The environmental and climate policy goals in Germany and Europe mean a fundamental transformation process for the energy industry in order to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality by 2045. The central question for a future overall energy system will be which (renewable) energy mix will be used to supply the future consumption sectors and how security of supply and affordability can be guaranteed. The energy supply is at a crossroads here, as various scenarios and antagonistic supply options are being discussed in the struggle for the optimal economic solution. One of the topics here is the future of gas networks, possibly powered by hydrogen and biomethane in the future.

In the lecture, the situation and the development of energy generation, grids and energy consumption will be presented, also taking into account new or expanded supply tasks, and their effects on the overall system will be discussed. The specific example of Thuringia's energy supply will be used to illustrate how the TEAG Group - also representing other Thuringian suppliers and municipal utilities - is dealing with the challenges and what steps are being taken to implement the transformation process. Specific projects and plans for generation and grid infrastructures in Thuringia's energy supply will also be presented.

Speaker Dr. Matthias Sturm is Head of Corporate Development/Communications at TEAG.

Admission: 5€