eTeach Annual Conference: Between Bibo and Bots

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We. 15.11.2023
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Under the title "Between Bibo and Bot: Students in Focus", we are focusing this year on media-enriched LEARNING and invite all interested parties to the Fachhochschule Erfurton November 15 and 16. The program of the eTeach annual conference will above all make room for the experiences and needs of the students. As learners, they are essential addressees for the design of learning spaces and places as well as media-enriched teaching-learning settings, for methodological-didactic concepts or for the further development of the examination culture. You bring your own understanding of learning and student interaction, have selected media-related competencies, and at the same time need support in using digital tools and applications in your studies.


We look forward to you sharing your views on the following topics and are happy for you to contribute your own:


HIGHER EDUCATION AS A PLACE OF LEARNING: What do virtual and real learning spaces that are conducive to learning look like? How can virtual and real learning spaces be combined to create shared and collaborative learning spaces? How can learning spaces in particular and universities in general be further developed into social spaces and spaces of open exchange and creative togetherness?

TEACHING/LEARNING AND STUDY CONCEPTS: How can courses and study programs be designed in a learning-oriented and student-centered way? Which didactic concepts and university frameworks are conducive to learning? Which competencies and role constellations are necessary for learning with media, learning in virtual spaces and with digital tools?

PARTICIPATION OF STUDENTS: What wishes, needs and ideas do students have with regard to their participation in higher education teaching? In which roles and functions do students see themselves contributing? Which formats are suitable for this? What form of student participation is meaningful and profitable from the perspective of teachers?


To this end, we offer these formats:

ON THE FAIR DAY: exhibition booth, strolling gallery, theme islands, mini-workshops and open labs.

ON THE CONFERENCE DAY: Spotlight, Impulse, Encore, Café Gossip


Share your expertise and experience and enrich the event with your contribution!


The submission deadline is September 15, 2023.


To the conference page with info and Call for Participation: https://www.eteach-thueringen.de/jahrestagung