Excursion to the Holocaust memorial of Topf und Söhne Erfurt

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Th. 09.03.2023
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Ilmenau train station
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Excursion Holocaust Memorial Topf und Söhne Erfurt

In this excursion we will visit one of the memorials of the Holocaust in Germany. Millions of people were murdered in the Holocaust. The "Topf and Sons" company in Erfurt also played a part in this. They designed and built the incinerators for the Auschwitz concentration camp. In this two-hour guided tour in English, we will learn about the company during the National Socialist era. However, the focus will also be on the question of the responsibility of each individual in everyday working life. We would like to point out that this excursion will deal with the themes of death, murder, violence, etc. We expect the participants to deal with these topics in an appropriate way. Information about the memorial can be found at www.topfundsoehne.de/ts/de/index.html.

Registration is possible until 08.03.2023 at turm2.tu-ilmenau.de/course/open. This event is free of charge.