Online Edition: Coffee2meet with ISWI + Mindful writing workshop

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We. 01.12.2021
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International and German students and doctoral candidates

Online Edition: Coffee2meet with ISWI + Mindful writing workshop

This event is very a special edition: we combine coffee2meet with the mindful writing workshop. Firstly, you have a great opportunity to meet our student association ISWI (the abbreviation for “Initiative Solidarische Welt Ilmenau” (Initiative for a World of Solidarity Ilmenau). They were founded by students to foster tolerance, understanding among nations and an international attitude. Join our session and talk with the representatives directly.

Moreover, after the presentation of ISWI, we have a mindful writing workshop. Through simple writing exercises, we will try to free our heads from daily problems and dive into our own creative inner world. We will together learn how to write short poems and challenging stories. Remember, that everyone can create and everyone is a genius in her/his own manner. You need for the session: a piece of paper, a pen and your favourite picture. Together we will talk, reflect, share our insights and enjoy the process. Don’t hesitate and just try! 

Please, register at we4you.org@tu-ilmenau