Panel discussion: Robots as helpers in care

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Tu. 28.11.2023
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Leibnizbau Langewiesener Str. 37, 98693 Ilmenau
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Exchange on technological and ethical perspectives on robotics in nursing

The shortage of skilled workers in nursing and healthcare continues unabated. Not only in Thuringia, but throughout Germany and also in neighboring countries, the situation of caregivers and family caregivers as well as the future viability of the health care system is being discussed.

In view of the shortage of skilled workers, scientists around the world are researching how to support caregivers with robots. At the TU Ilmenau, Professor Horst-Michael Groß, head of Neuroinformatics and Cognitive Robotics Lab, is working on assistants that are intended to make the everyday lives of caregivers and persons requiring care easier and to connect those in need of care with relatives, acquaintances and care service employees. They could take over simple routine tasks or, for example, the transport of food from the kitchen to the living room, thus relieving caregivers of such tasks. As part of a network of caregivers, relatives, friends and acquaintances, they can also close the communication gap between those in need of care and caregivers. But on what does it depend that an assistance robot is really accepted as a helper in care? And is it ethically justifiable to use robots for nursing tasks?

These questions will be the focus of a panel discussion with Professor Horst-Michael Groß from the TU Ilmenau and Professor Andreas Lob-Hüdepohl, Professor of Theological Ethics at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Berlin and member of the German Ethics Council. Both experts will present their research findings and their views on the topic and invite participants to discuss the diverse perspectives with each other. The panel discussion is organized in cooperation between the Bildungswerk des Bistums Erfurt, the TU Ilmenau and the Catholic University Community "Thomas Morus".


The panel discussion will take place on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. in the University Library Ilmenau, Langewiesener Str. 37.


The event is free of charge. Due to a limited number of seats, prior registration is requested. Registration is possible here:


Moderation: Julia Grimm, Landeswelle Thüringen



Prof. Dr. Anja Geigenmüller
Vice President for Teaching and Learning
TU Ilmenau


Niklas Wagner
Managing Director

Bildungswerk in the Diocese of Erfurt e.V.