TU Ilmenau Citizens' Campus: What design possibilities do "living glass surfaces" offer?

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Fr. 29.04.2022
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Röntgenbau Weimarer Straße 27
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Friday, April 29, 2022, 3:00 p.m., X-ray building

Prof. Dr. Edda Rädlein TU Ilmenau

What design possibilities do "living glass surfaces" offer?

What is still to be explored in a millennia-old material like glass? Bottles, windows, glasses are seemingly unchanged ubiquitous in everyday life. The indispensable role played by coatings on all these products for functionality is hardly known. The term "living glass surfaces" was coined to express that glass is not as inert as commonly expected. When examined closely, window panes add a protective layer to themselves to guard against weathering.

Examples from current research at TU's Group of Inorganic-Nonmetallic Materials will be used to present design options for glass interfaces that enable sustainable use and open up entirely new applications. These include:

  • New approaches to recycling lead silicate glasses using segregation.
  • A manufacturing route for flat porous glass for filtering and measurement applications
  • Direct laser-structured glass ceramics for medical technology
  • Plasma and hydrofluoric acid treatment for microstructuring
  • Cleaning of window and bottle glass in use
  • Basic research on the influence of dust particles on weathering.

The presentation will show how the design of interfaces in and on glass keeps research on this fascinating and diverse material alive.