International May (VII) - "Studieren weltweit, Erlebe es!"

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International May (VII):

Studieren weltweit, Erlebe es!

Today you have the opportunity to experience exciting reports from former outgoers! Carina Seckler and Leon Kreis are correpondents in the DAAD program "Studieren weltweit, Erlebe es!"

Don't be afraid to ask them your questions, because they are real pros when it comes to studying abroad.

26 May, 2021

5 pm

Carina Seckler, Leon Kreis / Correspondents Studying worldwide

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Our university is not only globally connected in teaching and research, but also experiences internationality in numerous facets on campus. On the one hand, this is expressed in a large number of international projects, more than 220 cooperations with universities and research institutions worldwide, an increasing number of study programs and courses offered in English, and a growing number of international students and employees. The goals of TU Ilmenau with regard to internationalization in all areas of the university, where we stand and where we want to go, are set out in the university's internationalisation strategy.

Major international projects


With the ratification of the Lisbon Convention, an international treaty of the European Council and UNESCO, by the Federal Republic of Germany, we as a university have committed ourselves to recognise the study and examination achievements of students from other European countries and also the study periods of our students abroad.

By joining the Code of Conduct, a self-commitment of German universities, we assure to offer foreign students, doctoral candidates and young academics optimal study conditions, good counselling and in-depth academic, linguistic and social support.

By signing the Code of Conduct for German Higher Education Projects Abroad, we pledge to apply the highest standards in our educational projects abroad - including access to study without discrimination and comprehensive counselling and support for foreign students.