After your studies comes the job! - We help with that!

Ayotunde Akinsoyinu portrait photo

Your studies are coming to an end and you want to work in Germany afterwards? Are you looking for an internship that you can do voluntarily or as part of your studies? Or would you like to work alongside your studies to earn some extra money?

If you are not sure where to find the right job or what to consider when looking for a job or applying for one, our we4you career counseling will help you!

We organize info events for you on topics such as employment law, job search, application letter, job interview and many more (see we4you event calendar or on our social media pages).

In addition to the events, you also have the option of booking a personal consultation. For example, you can bring your application documents to this appointment and we will give you tips on what you can still improve. It is also possible that we can refer you to contact points for your job search. In addition, we can answer your questions about labor law. The consultation hours take place both in person and online via Webex. Booking an appointment in advance is mandatory!

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You only have a short question that can also be answered by mail or on the phone?

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