Fun fact: we4you tutors are proven to be great people!

Do you want to make international contacts and get to know foreign cultures?

Do you enjoy working with people from all over the world?

Do you enjoy working with us to put together a great program?

Are you reliable, creative and responsible?

And do you have some time besides your own studies?

Then sign up as a tutor in the we4you student service!
You can join at any time. The best time for us is to receive your registration by mid-February for the summer semester or by the end of June for the winter semester.

A permanent team of tutors will be selected to support us during the semester. There are monthly meetings to discuss and agree on important matters. Each team member takes over special tasks and accompanies about 4 to 6 we4you activities during the semester.




What is there to do at we4you?

The commitment of our tutors is manifold and can hardly be put into words! However, here you will find a short list of activities in which you can participate as a tutor:

  • Arrival service and welcoming new students
  • Implementation of the orientation days
  • Organisation, realization and support of we4you events/country evenings
  • Support of excursions
  • Marketing, design of flyers, editing of websites
  • Accompaniment and photo documentation of all activities
  • Mediation and organization of language tandems
  • we4you "ambassadorship" as contact person to other student groups, StuRa, ISWI, clubs etc.
  • and much more...




Everything we do, we do for you!

...that is the motto of we4you! But not only the students you will support will benefit from your work. You will also have unique opportunities!

  • Exciting contacts and intercultural experiences
  • Shared experiences in a team
  • Fun and action
  • Opportunity to train your foreign language skills
  • Gain experience in project management
  • Participation in seminars and trainings
  • Acquisition of communicative and intercultural skills
  • References as plus points in your curriculum vitae
  • Establishment of contacts for stays abroad
  • Acquisition of credits in the Studium Generale
  • Recognition as a practical workshop possible (AMW study program)
  • Topics for media projects (AMW study program)
  • Collect points for your "International Certificate"




Your interest is aroused?

Then send us your letter of motivation and your preferred area of responsibility and...