This website is intended for researchers. For students, we recommend the we4you arrival website.

After your arrival, you should contact your department or your supervisor. There you will receive further information.

It is important to make certain formal registrations.


1. registration at the registration office

It is a legal requirement to register at the Residents' Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt) of the city of Ilmenau when you move into an apartment. This also applies to rooms on campus and rooms in shared flats (WGs).


2. registration at the university and university ID cards

If you want to apply for a residence permit according to §16 of the Residence Act (study with the aim of obtaining a doctorate), you have to enrol at the university, at the Academic Service Center (ASC). As a doctoral student, you will also have to pay a semester fee. You will receive a student ID card with which you can identify yourself as a student and take advantage of all the benefits that apply to students. In addition, you acquire the "Semesterticket", a train ticket for Thuringia, with your matriculation. The re-registration as a doctoral student must take place every semester.

If you are visiting the university for doctoral studies or for a guest stay as part of an employment contract, it is necessary to sign a contract for this work with the university. You will find the contact person for this in the Department of Personnel and Legal Affairs. You will receive an employee ID card. In this case, it is up to you whether you also enrol as a doctoral student at the university.

Guest researchers who visit the TU Ilmenau for a limited period of time and who will work here cannot enrol. For their stay, they can apply for an ID card via the Department of Personnel and Law and then obtain it at the information desk in the University Computer Centre (URZ).

The ID cards for doctoral students, employees and visiting scientists are sometimes also used as key cards to gain access to research areas.