Organization of the studies

All study programmes follow a common scheme:

  • approx. 30% university-wide events
  • approx. 35% faculty-wide events
  • approx. 35% course-specific events

Furthermore, in accordance with the national or international study programme, various additional electives, preferably languages, must be completed.

According to their inclinations and choice, students can take national as well as international study programmes. In the latter, students spend at least two semesters at a foreign partner university, currently mainly at the TU Ilmenau and the UAS Erfurt. This stay abroad is in the seventh and eighth semesters of the eight-semester degree programmes. During these two semesters, students attend selected lectures, complete a four-month internship and write their final thesis. After successful completion of their studies, graduates receive an S1 / Bachelor's degree, which reflects the cooperation between the universities within the framework of international studies, as well as a detailed transcript of records, which clearly shows the achievements made at the respective places of study.


Academic year and deployment of teaching staff

In order to facilitate the deployment of German / European teachers in Indonesia, the academic year begins in July. Thus, the odd semesters last from July to December and the even semesters from January to June. This shift opens up the possibility to use the breaks between lectures in Germany / Europe (February / March or August / September) for longer teaching stays in Indonesia.


Study visits in Germany / Europe

Based on the experience gained by the TU Ilmenau from numerous other cooperation programs, a two-semester study visit to Germany at the TU Ilmenau or its program partners is anchored in the curriculum. This is in the 7th and 8th semester of the eight-semester Bachelor's degree courses prescribed by law in Indonesia.

During their stay abroad, the students attend courses on subjects that are not established at the IULI in order to broaden the subject-specific breadth of their studies. In addition, they write their final thesis, which preferably focuses on current research topics. A four-month internship complements the foreign qualification phase.

Features of the study

In order for the degree programs to be offered in Indonesia to stand out from those that exist there and gain a high level of attractiveness, special attention has been paid to ensuring that they have distinctive features, such as:

  • excellent quality
  • lectures and study materials in English
  • one semester study visit / practical semester at the German / European university from which the respective course originates

Whether a double or joint degree is awarded with the respective university depends on the legal possibilities of the partner universities, which are not uniform due to country-specific legal requirements. Irrespective of this, the study programmes transferred to Indonesia must be adapted to the Indonesian characteristics and needs. This includes, for example, the obligatory legal requirement that religious, civics and local language subjects must be included.