Target regions and branch office management of the TU Ilmenau

The TU Ilmenau is connected worldwide. The focus lies on four target regions in which long-standing and successful cooperations have been established.
In the faculties of the TU Ilmenau there are target region representatives. They advise on the planning of new partnerships, on questions regarding existing cooperations or support the invitation of guests from the regions.

In our target region China, there is a person of trust who represents our interests in the region as an "Ambassador of the TU Ilmenau". This includes the maintenance of existing cooperations, the mediation of new partnerships and the recruitment of students.

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More than 70 Erasmus+ partnerships, numerous university cooperation agreements and many EU-funded research projects demonstrate our close ties to Europe.

Target region representative for Europe at TU Ilmenau: Sophia Siegfried

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Russia and CIS countries

TU Ilmenau has maintained close relations with Russian universities for more than 50 years. Various double degree programmes as well as close research links, funding in the DAAD Eastern Partnerships programme since 1992 and in various Erasmus+ programme lines reflect this. The German-Russian Institute of Advanced Technologies (GRIAT) in Kasan is the biggest common cooperation.

Target region representative for Russia / CIS states at the TU Ilmenau: Prof. Dr. Kerstin Pezoldt

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Central and South America

On the South American continent, our university focuses in particular on cooperation with other universities in Brazil, Peru and Colombia. A total of eight partnerships with the best universities in these countries characterise this. With the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru in Lima, TU Ilmenau offers four joint double degree programs in engineering, and regularly visits German schools in all three countries. In recent years, Mexico has also moved closer to the TU Ilmenau's focus.

Destination Region Representative for Central America (esp. Mexico) at the TU Ilmenau: Prof. Johann Reger

Destination Region Representative for South America at the TU Ilmenau: Prof. Dr. René Theska