Against anxiety, stress and memory problems – hypnosis in therapy

TU Ilmenau Citizes' Campus

Topic:      Against anxiety, stress and memory problems - hypnosis in therapy.

Speaker: Dr. Barbara Schmidt, University Hospital Jena, Institute for Psychosocial Medicine,  Psychotherapy and Psychooncology

Time:      Friday, 31 March 2023, 3:00 p.m.

Place:     TU Ilmenau,Faradaybau, Weimarer Straße 32

Admission: 5 Euro

Ventilated patients who react to the breathing mask in the intensive care unit with stress or have a fear of suffocation can be helped with hypnosis. Hypnosis has also been proven to help with stress in job interviews or exam situations, reducing both psychological and physical stress. For Dr. Barbara Schmidt, a physician at the Institute for Psychosocial Medicine, Psychotherapy and Psychooncology at Jena University Hospital, these are convincing arguments for using hypnosis more intensively in medical therapy. The physician has published several relevant books and scientific publications on the reduction of anxiety and stress and on the neural effects of hypnosis.

In her lecture at the TU Ilmenau Citizens' Campus, Dr. Barbara Schmidt will explain to the audience in a well-founded and understandable way what hypnosis is, how its effects can be studied and how it is applied in everyday clinical practice. Although the therapeutic method has been around for a long time, she believes it deserves more attention. With a mixture of scientific lecture, exciting stories from practice and a live demonstration, Dr. Schmidt wants to inspire people in the Bürgercampus for the topic of hypnosis.



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