Alumni of the TU Ilmenau support students

The Technische Universität Ilmenau is calling on its former students to financially support young men and women who are currently completing their studies. The fundraising campaign asks TU Ilmenau alumni to contribute to a Deutschlandstipendium. Deutschlandstipendien are awarded to students with very good academic performance and social commitment. The scholarship amounts to 300 euros per month and is financed half by the sponsors - mostly companies or individuals - and half by the federal government. Information online: www.alumnicampus.de/stipendien | e-mail : stipendien@tu-ilmenau.de

Even with small amounts - ten, 20 or 50 euros - alumni can contribute to a Deutschlandstipendium. Anyone who donates 1,800 euros enables a student to receive a monthly 300-euro scholarship for an entire year, thanks to the federal government's half contribution.

With the donation campaign, the TU Ilmenau wants to help high-achieving and committed students finance their studies. Since the onset of the Corona pandemic has eliminated many traditional student jobs in the hospitality and service industries, many students lacked this opportunity to earn money for their studies. To close the gap by offering more German scholarships, TU Ilmenau launched the Alumni German Scholarship in 2020. Since then, five students have been supported with it.



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