Book publication "Immersive Video Technologies".

The technologies of recording, encoding, and playback of video have evolved significantly over the past few decades. Currently, the main goal is to provide the user with a truly immersive experience. He should largely see himself as part of the cinematic scene. In addition to artistic aspects, there are also a number of technical requirements and possibilities here. The published book "Immersive Video Technologies" provides a comprehensive overview of the current technologies that enable visual immersion - such as 360-degree video, light field technology and volumetric video.

From the Audiovisual Technology Group, researchers Ashutosh Singla, Stephan Fremerey, and Alexander Raake were essential contributors to the book chapters "Subjective and objective quality assessment for omnidirectional video" and "Omnidirectional video saliency." These two chapters incorporate the research and experience of the past six years.

Immersive Video Technologies, Editors: Giuseppe Valenzise, Martin Alain, Emin Zerman, Cagri Ozcinar, Publisher: Academic Press 2022, 684 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0323917551, Price: €171,20