Start of the English-language workshop series "Business Model Workout" at Ilmkubator

Start of the English-language workshop series "Business Model Workout

Developing viable business models from project ideas in a short time - at the Ilmkubator, this is possible again in workshop format from the end of May: The Business Model Workout goes into the next round.

In this three-part workshop series, interested parties learn the basics of an innovative start-up. Creative and collaborative methods will be used to make products or services unique, sharpen customer focus and understand how to beat the competition. The workshops will be held in English at the Fishermen's Hut campus and are open to all students and employees of the university. Having your own business idea is not necessary for participation, but is welcome.

Interested parties can still register for the workshop series via Turm 2 until May 19. To the registration



  1. May 24 - Module 1: Idea, customer, product
  2. June 7 - Module 2: Design of business models
  3. June 21 - Module 3: Market and competition

The final module will be a get-together with the teams of the current Ilmkubator Class in July.