International Students' Week Ilmenau: hsf Studentenradio launches ISWIradio

Das Team der ISWI-Infominutes (v.l.n.r. Konrad Lehmann, Bastian Klöhr) im Studio mit Redaktionsleiterin Jana Heßhsf Studentenradio e.V.
The ISWI Infominutes team (from left to right Konrad Lehmann, Bastian Klöhr) in the studio with editorial director Jana Heß

Radio hsf becomes ISWIradio for 10 days: When the International Students Week Ilmenau (ISWI) opens today (2 June), the programme of Ilmenau's student radio station will also go on air. It will be on the air every day, 24 hours a day, until the last ISWI day on 12 June. It doesn't matter whether you're an early riser or a night owl - at any time you'll hear interesting and entertaining stories about Germany's biggest international student festival, some of them live, in German and English, and lots of music on the programme. The ISWIradio in Ilmenau is broadcast on the FM frequency 98.1 MHz and on the Internet live stream at www.iswiradio.de.

The International Students' Week Ilmenau takes place every two years. The aim of the ISWI is to bring together young men and women from all over the world and to create an intercultural exchange on current topics of global social importance. ISWI participants work together in thematic workshops and listen to lectures by public figures. More than 370 people from 70 different countries came to Ilmenau for the last event, which took place in 2019 because of the Corona pandemic. With ISWIradio, the makers of Radio hsf want to connect ISWI and the city. The programme is aimed equally at the students from all over the world and the city population. Everyone is invited to participate interactively - by phone, email or social media.
Founded in 1950, Radio hsf is considered the oldest university radio station in Germany. Since the ISWI premiere in 1993, Ilmenau University Radio has been broadcasting from the student festival - this year on all 10 days a 24-hour programme: from the Morning Show with a preview of the day to the entertaining morning and afternoon shows to the day's summary, a talk in the evening and the night shows to keep you awake. Special highlights are programmes that are not broadcast from the radio studio but live from ISWI events: from the World Food Festival as part of the Ilmenau Old Town Festival, the programme "ISWI Garden" from various locations in the Ilmenau city area or live from the four-hour open-air concert on the university campus. In the evenings, the daily events are summarised in the "ISWI Infominutes" before there is an hour of talk. In the discussion round to mark the 30th anniversary of ISWI and ISWIradio, guests look back on the tradition of the student festival and radio coverage. "Nightlife" then looks at ISWI's various evening events before moving on to the night-time programme.

While on weekdays the programme focus is on ISWI coverage, on weekends the radio producers have set themselves no creative limits. Then radio listeners can expect an entertaining mix of quiz, radio play and music programmes, there is live cooking on air and there is an exciting chase across the S



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