Ilmenau Children's and Youth University: Virtual registrations still possible

Since Wednesday, November 10, 2021, interested pupils can once again virtually explore the university campus and listen to exciting lectures from mathematics, natural and engineering sciences, economics and media as part of the Children's and Youth University Ilmenau. In addition to the live broadcast of the lecture, a virtual campus tour and exciting experiment videos are available to the children and young people. In addition, on each of the first days of the event this year, only one school class was able to attend on site under strict infection control precautions.


The series of events, which runs through the entire month of November, kicked off with a lecture by lecturer Tom Ströhla on the topic of "What invisible force is in magnets?" Sandro, 9, reports enthusiastically: "They explained it really well and talked about other things like trains for a change. And the fact that you were allowed to puzzle along was cool, too."

A registration for the virtual lectures for grades 7 to 9 on November 24 and 26 on the very current topics "COVID, Lockdown and Conspiracies: Does Talk Make You (Un)Healthy?", "What is a Fair Wage for Work?", "Medical Technology Under Stress" and "Mathematics for the Gods" is still possible on short notice one day before the respective event day via the official website:




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