New publication by Aynur Sarısakaloğlu and Bernd Rasem on “Journalism as a System of Organised Action”

In the Handbook of Journalism Theories, Dr. Aynur Sarısakaloğlu from the Media Studies Group at TU Ilmenau and Dr. Bernd Rasem, editor and presenter at Norddeutscher Rundfunk and Phoenix, and lecturer at TU Ilmenau, describe journalism as a system of organised action.


How can editorial structures in media organisations be described? What influence does the media organisation and its structure have on journalistic work? Insights are derived from social integrative theory models, with Anthony Giddens’ (1986) structuration theory being of particular importance as it conceptualises journalistic organisations as systems of organised action to explore the recursive relationships between acting journalists and organisations in a social context, and to describe structural transformation processes in journalism.

In their article, Aynur Sarısakaloğlu and Bernd Rasem provide an introduction to the fundamentals of structuration theory and elucidate its integration into journalism research using exemplary application fields. In conclusion, the authors outline the potential of structuration theory and the theoretical challenges for journalism research.



Rasem, B., & Sarısakaloğlu, A. (2024). Journalismus als System organisierten Handelns. In M. Löffelholz & L. Rothenberger (eds), Handbuch Journalismustheorien. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.



Dr. Aynur Sarısakaloğlu