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New publication on high-density dry electroencephalography

Grand average comparison (over all respective volunteers) of eye blinks recorded with gel-based and dry electrode caps.

In a recently published study, the reproducibility and generalizability of dry electrode performance in different environments and with different operators has been investigated. In addition, influence of operator experience, preparation time, and wearing comfort on EEG signal quality were analyzed.
The performance of the multipin dry electrodes was highly reproducible both within the present study and in comparison to previous studies. The most important influences on the reliability of the electrodes and the resulting signal quality are the skills, training and experience of the operator.

Ng, C.R.; Fiedler, P.; Kuhlmann, L.; Liley, D.; Vasconcelos, B.; Fonseca, C.; Tamburro, G.; Comani, S.; Lui T.K.-Y.; Tse, C.-Y.; Warsito, I.F.; Supriyanto, E.; Haueisen, J.:

Multi-Center Evaluation of Gel-Based and Dry Multipin EEG Caps.
Sensors, 22(20), 8079, (2022)


Contact:    Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Patrique Fiedler