New episode of the CCS Pod online!

How to study "contemporary" news?

Sounds trivial? Well, unfortunately, it isn't: What is "contemporary" news is decided upon by many rather than a few, it contains journalistically verified messages as well as mis- and disinformation and fake news. Jo(sephine) Lukito (Assistant Professor at the U of Texas at Austin’s School of Journalism and Media) guides us, Emese Domahidi (Professor at TU Ilmenau) and Mario Haim (Professor at LMU Munich), through the exciting and "hybrid" online news environment as well as through her own research investigating particularly the malicious political language within online public spheres. Of course, CCS plays a large role in that too, as Jo is a strong advocate of computational methods and especially of multi-platform research.

The new episode of the CCS Pod is online and as always, it's well worth a listen.

You can find it on Spotify, among others: podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/ccs-pod/episodes/How-to-study-contemporary-news-e2d5neq/a-aanu30u