Open-minded Thuringia - "Weltoffenes Thüringen"

It is with great concern that we observe the increase in anti-democratic aspirations, intolerance, and xenophobia in our country. We are shocked by the inhumane plans of right-wing extremist circles.

As academics, staff, and students - as members of the university - we are convinced that liberal democracy, the rule of law, and openness to the world are the cornerstones of a society worth living in and of effective science. A modern, sustainable university needs an international campus with a cosmopolitan environment in which people are accepted in their diversity, and fundamental rights and academic freedom are not called into question.

As a university, we have therefore joined the "Weltoffenes Thüringen - #thueringenweltoffen" initiative. Together with other organizations, companies, and individuals in the Free State of Thuringia, we want to set an example for a cosmopolitan and diverse Thuringia, and for peaceful and respectful interaction with one another out of concern for our democracy.

We are committed to ensuring that all members of the university, regardless of their nationality, feel welcome and safe on campus, in the city, and throughout Thuringia. We promote respectful dialogue, the exchange of different experiences, positions, and opinions, and the peaceful coexistence of cultures.

As a university, we have a special social responsibility. Let us use our knowledge, freedom, and multiculturalism to actively promote an open, democratic society. This will also secure our future as an institution of open thought.


Kai-Uwe Sattler, Anja Geigenmüller, Jens Müller, Stefan Sinzinger, Dennys Klein

Presidential Board of TU Ilmenau

The initiative

Together with many other like-minded people, the TU Ilmenau supports the "Weltoffenes Thüringen" initiative. The initiative stands for

  • a cosmopolitan and diverse Thuringia
  • respect for human dignity and indivisible human rights - also in view of Germany's historical responsibility, especially for the crimes committed during the National Socialist era
  • pluralistic democracy and the rule of law - also as a lesson from the experiences of two different dictatorships in Germany
  • a country in which people are accepted and welcome in their diversity
  • peaceful and respectful interaction with one another. Prejudice, exclusion and hatred have no place in a cosmopolitan and diverse Thuringia.
  • the idea of European unification. It stands for peace, solidarity and prosperity. Thuringia benefits from this in particular.


Support a "Weltoffenes Thüringen" and set an example with your name!

Further information at https://www.thueringen-weltoffen.de/

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