PoQuMo8K-project and 8K video technology experts meeting

TU Ilmenau / FG Audiovisuelle Technik

On August 16, 2023, we held an inspiring meeting in our media labs at TU Ilmenau as part of our BMWK-ZIM-funded project PoQuMo8K (Perception-oriented Quality Modelling for 8K Live Video). Besides representatives from the two project partners Spin Digital and AVT/ TU Ilmenau, two guest experts from Sony Corporation and Sony Europe were present, Mr. Toshiyuki Ogura and Mr. Brian Edwards, respectively. The meeting centered on high-quality video including 8K resolution, HDR (high dynamic range), HFR (high framerate), advanced video encoders, perceptual testing methodologies, and 8K display technology. Besides the interaction of content capture and scene characteristics, video processing and display technology with regard to technology implications and human visual perception and experience, we discussed the merits of 8K and an innovative concept of "realness" in 8K video that Mr. Ogura brought. The event also encompassed tours of our labs, including the AV-Test Labs and the new VR Center as part of our newly founded I3TC (Ilmenau Interactive Immersive Technologies Center). Among others, demos included Spin Digital's highly optimized HEVC and VVC encoders and AVT’s recent viewing distance studies.