Project PoQuMo8K - Perception-oriented Quality Modelling for 8K Live Video

PoQuMo8K addresses the development of a technical solution for the user-centric quality evaluation and encoding optimization of the novel video format 8K UHD-2. This format enables a stronger sensation of reality and a much higher level of immersion than before. When used in live applications, it enables a highly immersive view of events such as concerts, sports, and lectures. Encoding and streaming of 8K content in high quality and in real-time is challenging and requires cutting-edge video compression technologies. Even more than for lower resolutions, encoder developers and service providers have to ensure that the delivered video results in high visual quality for viewers. Therefore, a solution for quality evaluation of 8K media that reflects human visual perception is needed. PoQuMo8K addresses this need by proposing a video quality algorithm for an automated, real-time perception-based quality evaluation for live-service monitoring, as well as part of the encoding for 8K video in live application scenarios.

Collaboration partner: Spin Digital Video Technologies GmbH (

Project Manager: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Raake

Project staff and contact person: Dr.-Ing. Rakesh Rao Ramachandra Rao, Dominik Keller, M.Sc.

Funding scheme: FuE-Kooperationsprojekte von Unternehmen