"Resource Efficiency and Sustainability in Production": 5th Thuringian Mechanical Engineering Day

Saving resources and producing sustainably - this is the topic of this year's Thuringian Mechanical Engineering Day, organized by the Thuringian Center for Mechanical Engineering (ThZM), coordinated by TU Ilmenau. In the 5th edition, the participating partners provide a comprehensive insight into the current state of application-oriented research and development for the manufacturing industry. The focus is on the transfer of practical results in joint projects with and for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as the presentation of application examples for industrial use.

Proven experts, including several scientists from the TU Ilmenau in the fields of production engineering and neuroinformatics and cognitive robotics, will provide information on the latest developments in modern production technologies. With a view to the topic of "resource efficiency and sustainability in production", the discussion will focus in particular on the fields of scrap minimization, process stabilization, process chain optimization and new materials.

Together, the participating partners would like to provide new impulses for their own production and exchange views on the perspectives of modern and future-oriented mechanical engineering technologies.

The Thuringian Center for Mechanical Engineering and the Thuringian Cluster Management of LEG Thüringen also cordially invite you to contribute your own experiences and ideas, to discuss the future of mechanical engineering with your peers and to initiate corresponding activities.

REGISTRATION for the 5th Thuringian Mechanical Engineering Day




09.00 Registration and get-together

09.30 h Welcome

09.40 am Intangible value creation - How sustainable business works in the manufacturing industry

Ulrich Sendler | Independent technology analyst and author

10.10 a.m. Lightweight construction through multi-material mix: Joining plastic and metal and dissimilar metal compounds

Prof. Jean Pierre Bergmann | TU Ilmenau

10.30 am Laser beam welding of additively manufactured components

Stefan Ulrich | ifw Jena

10.50 am Together we are strong - Collaboration in peer-to-peer networks to strengthen competitiveness

Steffen Berghof | Berghof Group GmbH

Maxim Reimche | TU Ilmenau

11.10 am Ultrafine grinding of mineral glasses for free-form optical applications

Sebastian Henkel | Ernst-Abbe University Jena

11.30 Guided poster show

12.15 Lunch break

13.15 In-process defect detection in additive manufacturing with artificial intelligence methods

Marc Preißler | Fraunhofer IOF

13.35 Smart injection mould - production tool with embedded diagnostic hardware

Prof. Thomas Seul | University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden

1.55 p.m. Collaborative assistance robots - artificially intelligent handlers

Dr. Steffen Müller | TU Ilmenau

14.15 h ProHyMaTh - Process Technologies for Hybrid Materials Thuringian Forest

Dr. Florian Welzel | GFE Schmalkalden

14.35 Coffee break

14.50 Parallel workshops and visit of the exhibition

Workshop 1: From product simulation to process simulation

Prof. Jens Bliedtner | Ernst-Abbe University Jena

Workshop 2: Process technologies for hybrid materials

Dr. Klaus Wagner | GFE Schmalkalden

Workshop 3: Medical technology - opportunities and risks of a growth market

Prof. Stefan Roth | University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden

Prof. Thomas Seul | University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden

Exhibition: Presentation of the projects LAKE and Metal-MEX

15.50 Wrap-Up

Prof. Jens Bliedtner | Ernst Abbe University of Applied Sciences Jena

Dr. Klaus Wagner | GFE Schmalkalden

Prof. Stefan Roth | University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden

16.00 Closing words and get-together

17.30 End of the event



Energy and material efficiency in production is the order of the day against the background of rising energy prices and requirements for a low CO2 economy to mitigate climate change. Due to ecological and economic requirements, it will no longer be important in the future to generate maximum profit from as little capital as possible, but rather to manufacture a product using as little material and energy as possible, thus decoupling resource and energy consumption from economic growth.

Find out how the ThZM can contribute to this in the brochure "Resource Efficiency in Production - For a Strong and Competitive Economy in Thuringia".

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