Together for a sustainable start-up location Ilmenau

Second tree planting campaign by Ilmkubator and ThüringenForst successful

Volunteers planted 500 douglaises on the Lindenberg on Saturday.

500 young Douglas firs planted on the Lindenberg by TU start-up service Ilmkubator, ThüringenForst and volunteers

500 Douglas firs have been growing on the Lindenberg near the Gebrüder-Harz-Hütte since Saturday. They were planted as part of a reforestation campaign organized by the Ilmkubator start-up service of Ilmenau University of Technology and ThüringenForst.

Around 50 committed people responded to the Ilmkubator's call and gathered on the Lindenberg in Ilmenau on Saturday morning to plant a "founding forest". There was great interest in the planting activities, says Laura Martin, spokesperson for the Ilmkubator start-up service: "We are delighted that we are reaching so many committed people who want to make a difference and are actively working to preserve our environment. Together, we are ensuring that Ilmenau remains an attractive and liveable start-up location."

The participants were also enthusiastic about the joint commitment and, after a briefing by Revier-Kickelhahn manager Torsten Weinhardt, were motivated to go to the selected area. After just under an hour, the 500 trees were planted and the energetic helpers fortified themselves with coffee and cookies while the ThüringenForst staff were on hand to answer questions. "The cooler, damp weather forecast for the coming week is ideal for the trees we planted today: They are much more likely to take root. - Of course, the sunshine is better for planting today," explains Torsten Weinhardt, for example. "In the best case scenario, the young trees will grow well and be spared from browsing by wild animals."

The new "founding forest" is being created on the Lindenberg not far from the Gebrüder-Harz-Hütte.

In November 2023, 1000 sycamore maples were planted at the entrance to Stützerbach during the first reforestation campaign by Ilmkubator and ThüringenForst. The tree planting campaign is part of a cooperation between Ilmkubator (TU Ilmenau) and ThüringenForst. Not only members of the university, but also entrepreneurs, network partners of the start-up service and volunteers can provide support.

Upcoming planting campaigns are already being discussed, reveals Laura Martin: "We would like to plant a third start-up forest in October or November. Anyone who would like to support us until then is welcome to donate to the Thuringian Forest Biosphere Reserve Association." The donated funds will be collected over the course of the year and used for the purchase of cuttings and young plants. These will then be planted in the areas during the next campaign. "Every donation, no matter how small, counts and is received with great gratitude - so that they can soon grow here in the Thuringian Forest."


Donation account: Förderverein Biosphärenreservat Vessertal-Thüringer Wald e.V. IBAN: DE 33 8405 1010 1131 0013 69 | Sparkasse Arnstadt-Ilmenau Purpose "Gründungswald" Donation receipts can be issued; please contact the association for this.


The Ilmkubator is the start-up service of the TU Ilmenau. In cooperation with its partners, it provides support in all phases of self-employment and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection in the EXIST Potentials line. In addition to traditional start-up advice and coaching, the Ilmkubator also offers access and advice on funding opportunities and mentors, as well as networking events, workshops and much more. With activities such as reforestation, the Ilmkubator also raise awareness of sustainable entrepreneurship.