StadtWildnis: Nature photography in urban space - exhibition in the Ilmenau University Library

Ente die auf Wasser landetJörg Rozycki

Ilmenau nature photographer Jörg Rozycki invites interested parties to discover the fascinating world of "urban wilderness" in an exhibition of his work at the University Library Ilmenau. The exhibition shows a selection of his impressive nature photographs from 45 years, which were mainly taken in the Ilmenau pond area. The exhibition is open from February 12 to April 27, 2024, Monday to Saturday during the opening hours of the library at Langewiesener Straße 37 in Ilmenau; admission is free.

With an eye for landscapes worth preserving and endangered animal species, Jörg Rozycki wants to draw viewers' attention to the beauty and fragility of nature. His photographs are not only intended to be aesthetically pleasing, but also to create an emotional connection to nature conservation. From the planning to the selection and processing of the photographs, nature photography requires a high level of concentration and patience. Each photo tells a story, be it of shots taken under physical and mental strain or of unique moments of happiness in nature photography.

"The exhibition offers a unique insight into the world of nature photography and the beauty of nature around Ilmenau - presented in fascinating images," says Milena Pfafferott, Head of Use at the University Library: "Visitors can look forward to poetic yet naturalistic images that reflect Jörg Rozycki's long-standing passion for nature."



Milena Pfafferott
University Library
+49 3677 69-4605