The seriously ill relative - support for families and friends

Topic:The seriously ill relative - support options for families and friends of the seriously ill. What is possible today?
Speaker:Dr. Heike Schlegel-Höfner, Chief Physician of the Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine of the Ilm-Kreis-Kliniken Arnstadt-Ilmenau gGmbH
Time:Friday, 10.06.2022, 3:00 p.m.
Place: TU Ilmenau,Röntgen Building, Weimarer Str. 27
Admission:5 Euro

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Der Vortrag im Rahmen des TU Ilmenau Bürgercampus‘ findet im Röntgenbau stattTU Ilmenau/Leo Warnow
Der Vortrag im Rahmen des TU Ilmenau Bürgercampus‘ findet im Röntgenbau statt

When healing is no longer possible for the patient, therapy focuses on alleviating the patient's somatic complaints and to recognize and satisfy the patient's psychological, social and spiritual needs. The goal is to achieve the best possible quality of life for the patient. But palliative care also means, contrary to what is often assumed, affirming life to the end and and accepting dying as a normal process. In a society that is focused on doing and and exerting influence, many people are less and less able to accept the fateful fate and their own feelings of powerlessness. Even the desire of terminally ill patients, autonomy and to discontinue diagnoses and therapies is often ignored.In her lecture as part of the TU Ilmenau Citizens' Campus, the physician Dr. Heike Schlegel-Höfner discusses how the confrontation with a serious dialysis usually affects not only the patient himself, but his entire environment. When relatives and friends of seriously ill patients suddenly find themselves face legal, institutional and psychological problems, they have to completely reorganize their own lives. But there is help for them, too. In her lecture Dr. Heike Schlegel-Höfner will report on the many support options available to patients and their patients and their relatives from the medical and benefit law sides.

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