TU Ilmenau launches english-language master's programme IBE

The TU Ilmenau is starting the english-language master's programme "International Business Economics" in the winter semester 2021/22. The new degree program combines business and economic content with in-depth knowledge of communication science, for example strategic communication or international communication. In addition, students acquire competencies in the english language in modules that are mostly taught in english. The degree programme thus offers excellent prospects for a career start in an increasingly global job market. Interested students can apply for the master's programme here.

Portraitfoto von Prof. Thomas GrebelFoto Richter
Prof. Thomas Grebel, dean of the department of Economic Sciences and Media and Head of the group of Economic Policy

Prof. Thomas Grebel, dean of the department of Economic Sciences and Media and Head of the group of Economic Policy, sees the great added value of the four-semester master's programme in International Business Economics, which is not subject to admission restrictions, compared to a classical degree in business administration - both for german bachelor's graduates and for prospective foreign students. Thomas Grebel, dean of the department of Economic Sciences and Media and Head of the group of Economic Policy, in its international orientation: "Curricula in International Communication and an integrated semester abroad enable students to gain intercultural experience in order to be successful in the international context of a globalised world, both professionally and linguistically, but also through a sharpened personal profile."

The new International Business Economics degree programme places particular emphasis on providing students with the methodological tools they need to analyse and solve economic and social problems, for example in large, international companies and organisations. The focus is on research-oriented, methodologically well-founded and empirically-appliedeconomic study contents from three freely selectable subject groups: International Business Administration, International Economics and International Communication Science. This includes for example modules such as "Business to Business Marketing", "Management and Entrepreneurship", "Innovation Economics" or "Computational Communication Science". Prof. Grebel: "In this way, students not only gain a sound knowledge of individual and macroeconomic processes and an overview of modern data science methods, they also acquire management skills in the course of their studies that are important for entrepreneurial decisions at an international level." In addition to the three freely selectable modules, there is another elective area that enables students to acquire additional competencies from areas outside the subject, for example "Virtual and Augmented Reality for Communication Science" or "New Technology Research". The interdisciplinary orientation of the degree programme and the work in small, project-related groups also provide students with important interface skills and thus open up a wide range of job prospects in business, science and politics. Prof. Thomas Grebel: "It is the great flexibility and individual designability of the degree programme according to the students' personal inclinations, wishes and goals that make it so attractive." This also includes the fact that students can receive credit for previous achievements.

Interested students with a degree from a related bachelor's programme obtained in germany can apply now until October 15th: www.tu-ilmenau.de/bewerbung. Students with a Bachelor's degree obtained abroad and an English C1 language certificate can apply until July 15th: www.tu-ilmenau.de/application.


Prospective students can also obtain information on the Bachelor's and Master's programmes offered by the TU Ilmenau and all about the application process at the Online Study Info Day on 26.06.2021. Then they can find out about the entire range of courses and the university and ask all their questions about studying and living in Ilmenau. In addition to personal counseling sessions, general lectures and information on student financing, there will also be exciting campus and laboratory tours..



Prof. Thomas Grebel
Academic Dean department of
Economic Sciences and Media
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