Video interview with Oliver Sträßer

From Ilmenau to Switzerland and back again - this is the path Oliver Sträßer has taken. In this interview you will find out which meals you should not miss in the Mensa Ehrenberg, what awaits you in a typical computer science lecture and what career path Oliver has chosen.

The interview with Arndt Kühne and Christoph Lühr is something very special. The two lovingly refer to themselves as "alumni plants", because both studied computer science at the TU Ilmenau and successfully...dropped out. "Our hearts always beat for Ilmenau. Whether on campus or in the C-Club," says Arndt Kühne. After the first semester, he and two other fellow students founded a small digital agency in Ilmenau, practically out of the student flat-share. Christoph Lühr joined them in 2007 and has been their CTO ever since. In Berlin, we visited them at their 50-person agency "Basilicom".


Alumnus Sven Hubert came back to Ilmenau for an interview. In 2008, he completed his diploma in computer science at TU Ilmenau and has since moved with his family to the vicinity of Stuttgart. In the interview, you can see how much his studies have affected him and why he recommends the course to others.