Video interview with Frederik Reinig

In this interview you get to know Frederik Reinig. His conclusion: Studying is a team matter! Due to the proximity to his hometown and the size of the city, he decided to study in Ilmenau in 2014. During his studies, he led university sports courses, and today he is a project manager for power plants for a network operator. Find out how he got to this job in the video.

Marcus Schwarz met with the Alumni Faces team in Munich. He studied electrical engineering in Ilmenau from 2013-2017. Afterwards, he got his Master's degree in Robotics in Munich and has now been working as a Data Scientist for almost a year. He still often thinks back to his student days in Ilmenau. In the interview he explains why student life in Ilmenau is so much better than in Munich.


Interview with Jens Möbius

"Studying lays the foundation for life and it's not the end, it's just the beginning."


Jens Moebius, Diploma in Electrical Engineering, 1984 - 1989