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Drei Personen sitzen auf dem Rand eines Brunnens und schauen gemeinsam auf ein Tablet und füllen eine Online-Bewerbung für das Studium an der TU Ilmenau aus. Im Hintergrund sind verschwommen Gebäude der TU Ilmenau zu sehen.Michael Reichel (ari)
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The question!

In our UNIonline section "The question!", five students share their experiences and views on various topics such as sustainability, studying abroad or practical experience during their studies.

In our current question: Learning beyond the lecture hall - what are you researching right now?students provide insights into their final theses and research activities as student assistants and working students.


You can find more topics in this section here


Actionbound - Your digital campus journey


Experience selected parts of the Ilmenau campus at any time from the comfort of your own home. With this student pilot project we want to introduce you to our campus with short information, fun facts and quizzes. The only thing you need is the Actionbound app, which is available for free in the Play and App Store. There you can either search for the Bound (Find Bound > Search > "Ilmenau Campus Journey") or simply scan the QR code.

My studies at the TU Ilmenau

In our testimonial clips, students tell you what they are studying at TU Ilmenau and why they like it here so much. They talk about their studies and their life outside the university, about their friends and the best moments during their time in Ilmenau.

Take a look at our YouTube channel and let our students inspire you to study at TU Ilmenau!

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My studies at TU Ilmenau
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Marie"Studying at the TU Ilmenau is simply fun! You have the opportunity to try things out for yourself and participate independently at the TU, both in the courses and outside of them. In addition, of course, an impeccable education of your course of study is waiting for you."

Michelle "At TU Ilmenau you have a lively campus life due to the many clubs. Everything is so close together that you can find your way around super fast and also the staff, lecturers or professors of the university are always there to answer your questions!"

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