Notes on the online lectures

  • For data protection reasons, please do not use your real name when registering, an abbreviation is sufficient.

  • You have to enter your email address. However, this is only necessary for the WebEx registration and is not visible in the webinar.

  • Please turn off your microphone and camera before entering the webinar.

  • Do not turn on your microphone unless you are asked to do so by the presenter or moderator.

  • Try to ensure a low-noise atmosphere. (Keep in mind that with an open microphone, all background noise from your location will be transmitted to all other participants).

  • Use the chat to ask your questions. You can make the chat visible by clicking on the chat icon on the right side of their screen.

  • The presenter will give a brief input, discuss background and context, and answer questions from the chat.

  • Behave politely and considerately, just as if you were talking to the other person in person. Of course, discriminatory, sexist and racist questions and comments will not be tolerated.