Aim and procedure of enrolment

Enrolment as a collegiate in the Academic Preparation Course (APC) is with the aim of preparing for studies in presence at the university ( presence studies).

This option is only available to persons in applicant group G3 with a valid conditional admission and a study agreement with the APC.


Please note the deadline for enrolment. No enrollment will take place after the deadline.

The enrolment takes place online by mail (see Contact).


Step 1

The following documents are already available to you as a result of admission.

Step 2

For enrolment, please provide the following documents to the Registration Office by mail (see Contact).

Step 3

The Registration Office will provide you with a request for payment of the semester contribution by bank transfer in the applicant portal.

Step 4

Please pay the semester contribution promptly. Copy the purpose of bank transfer as specified in the payment request.

Step 5

Once all the required documents have been submitted and the semester contribution has been paid, the Registration Office will provide you with the following documents by mail / letter post.