First time enrolment

When you enrol for the first time in a pre-degree program (Academic Preparation Course), you are registered at the university at the same time.

The first-time enrolment and the associated registration at the university is explained on this website.



Enrolment as a collegiate in the Academic Preparation Course (APC) is done with the aim of language-related preparing for studies on campus of the university (presence study).

This option is only available for prospective students from abroad.

Required documents

For enrolment as a collegiate in the pre-degree program (Academic Preparation Course) you need the four following documents.

Deadlines and contact

Please note the deadline for enrolment in the pre-degree program. After the deadline for enrollment for a particular semester of study, enrollment in that semester is no longer possible.

Enrolment is a student administration process. The contact person is the Registrar's Office (Registration).


After enrolment

Once you have successfully completed the enrolment procedure, you are a collegiate in the pre-degree program and thus registered at TU Ilmenau. You now have the following options.