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Participation at the 30th. Innovation and Product Development Management Conference (IPDMC)

Successful participation of TU Ilmenau at the Innovation and Product Development Management Conference in Lecco, Italy (June 7-9, 2023)
image 30. IPDMC

At this year's 30th Innovation Product Development and Management Conference (IPDMC), hosted by Politecnico di Milano in Lecco, Italy, the School of Business and Media was represented by two Groups: Jun. Prof. Elena Freisinger and Felipa Carrara from the Group of Innovation Management and Maria-Ana Rosculete and Philipp Damwerth from the Group of Management/Organization. IPDMC has established itself as the leading international conference in the field of innovation management and new product development.

A total of three papers were presented and discussed:

  • Actors in Innovation Ecosystems - A systematic literature review (Felipa Carrara and Elena Freisinger)
  • Collective dynamic capabilities in innovation ecosystems – an analysis of multi-actor processes (Philipp Damwerth, Maria-Ana Rosculete, Wolfgang Buchholz, Norbert Bach)
  • Past, present and also future? - How past and present shape the business model for the future (Elena Freisinger, Matthias Unfried, Michael Zürn)

We are thankful for the positive feedback and suggestions we received on our conference papers and we are already looking forward to IPDMC 2024.