News at the Innovation Management Group

Participation in the FGF Doctoral Program Class of 2023

The Groups of Management/Organization and Innovation Management attended the closing workshop organized by FGF in Bonn.

Representing the Management/Organization Group of TU Ilmenau (foto left-to-right: Rrezon Lajci, Maria-Ana Rosculete and Leonie Hettich) together with the Innovation Management Group (Jannik Hahn and Felipa Carrara), our doctoral students took part in a two-day on-site event in Bonn marking the end of a fruitful series of online workshops that begann early March this year. Through their participation in this course, students at the beginning of their PhD journey were introduced to academic research, writing and publishing practice in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, and family business research from instructors who have already published in leading management  journals and could share not only a little bit of their knowledge, but also some of their experience that could inspire young scholars aiming for an academic career. At the final event, the participants could meet each other in person and receive feedback on individual projects from renowned professors in the field.

Following the name of the 2023 program offered by the FGF Germany, „How to successfully design, craft and publish entrepreneurship and innovation research“, we now wish our students to soon put into practice everything they were taught while being part of this newly formed network across the DACH region.