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TU Ilmenau goes to the 31th Innovation and Product Development Management Conference (IPDMC)

Articles from Ilmenau accepted for 31th Innovation and Product Development Conference (IPDMC)

The 31th "Innovation and Product Development Conference (IPDMC)", organized by the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM), will take place this year in the wonderful Dublin, Ireland.

The TU Ilmenau will be represented at this leading European conference in the field of innovation management with five contributions:

  • An updated bibliometric analysis of the literature on innovation in family firms (M.A. Rosculete, N. Bach)
  • The influences of decision-maker roles and time pressure on idea evaluation: An experimental analysis (E. Freisinger, L. Frederiksen, M. Unfried)
  • Collaborative-minded pursuit of profit to reach circular economy (CE). Roles of Actors in CE innovation ecosystems to create circular solutions collectively. (F. Carrara)
  • Can technology be creative? - A Systematic Analysis of Current Findings on Digital Creativity and AI Creativity (J. Hahn, E. Freisinger)
  • Entry and exit decisions in platform ecosystems – An analysis using actor-network-theory (P. Damwerth)

Jun.-Prof. Elena Freisinger together with our doctoral students from the Management/ Organization Group (Maria Rosculete and Philipp Damwerth), as well as the Innovation Management Group (Felipa Carrara and Jannik Hahn) will represent TU Ilmenau’s Institute for Business Administration in Dublin on June 5-7, 2024.

We congratulate the successful authors and look forward to the further development of their research contributions!