Library Regulations of the Ilmenau University Library

This translation is only for general information and must not be used in connection with any legal proceedings. Only the original German version is legally binding.

Verkündungsblatt (university journal) of Technische Universität Ilmenau : No. 57/2009 date 12 January 2009

According to §§ 3, 37 para. 2 of the Thüringer Hochschulgesetz (Thuringian University Act, ThürHG) dated 21st December, 2006 (GVBl. page 601), the Technische Universität Ilmenau (hereinafter referred to as “university”) has enacted the following Library Regulations for the Ilmenau University Library. The Senate of the university passed the regulations on 8th April 2008. The university’s President authorized the statutes on 3rd December 2008 and informed the Thuringian Ministry of Education accordingly in a letter dated 12th December 2008.

§ 1 In general

The Ilmenau University Library (library) is as a scientific research library open to the public and according to § 38 ThürHG (Thuringian University Act) it is a centrally operating unit at TU Ilmenau (university) and serves the purpose of providing scientific and general information. It also acts as service provider for academic publishing. The library offers its services according to the users‘ rules and any other rules and regulations of the university.

§ 2 Library Director

The library is headed by a Library Director who is a qualified librarian for senior service in scientific libraries. The staff members of the library report to the director. In the various bodies of the university he represents the library on all issues concerning the library and the provision of information at the university.

§ 3 Specialist Library Staff

The specialist library staff purchase and makes books and other media accessible considering the content orientation of the university in research and education as well as general academic education. They can be contacted by departments in all questions of literature supply and are involved in promoting and encouraging information and media literacy with the help of training courses, counselling and other appropriate measures.

§ 4 Academic advisors for the library

The departments appoint, from among the department’s professors, academic advisors for the department’s library affairs who also act as contact persons for the library. These advisors inform the members of the departments about new and current developments in connection with the library. This group constitutes an advisory body summoned by the Library Director for discussing fundamental issues, especially in preparation of Senate decisions concerning the library and its services. The Student Council also appoints a student as member of the advisory body. The meetings of this body are open to all members of the scientific community.

§ 5 Library Cooperation

The library participates in national cooperation activities, i.e. library networks, consortia etc. and also takes an active part, according to its resources and possibilities, in the appropriate bodies and advisory boards.

§ 6 Equality Clause

All status and function descriptions in this document apply equally to men and women.

§ 7 Effective Date of Regulations

These regulations come into force the first day of the following month after their notification.

signed by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil.
Dr. h. c. Prof. h. c. Peter Scharff