Project "Immersive Learning Thüringen (ILT)" aproved!

Project partners: FH Erfurt and TU Ilmenau. Duration: 1 year.

The goal of the project is to provide impulses for teachers at all Thuringian universities to use immersive learning environments. The results can be integrated into their approaches for learning, teaching and testing.

The use of Social Virtual Reality (short: Social VR) for teaching is an innovative tool and didactically enriches learning, especially in virtual formats. In ILT (Immersive Learning Platform Thuringia) formats of learning and teaching are developed and tested in a competence-oriented way and with a high fit to student requirements. At the same time, ILT should serve as a basis for future developments and lead to new ideas, as well as promote their implementation.

In detail, ILT will investigate the suitability of Social VR for the cross-university implementation of courses. The results are to be demonstrated in a workshop with the demonstration system being developed in ILT and made available in a final documentation and an action guide.