Group Virtual Worlds and Digital Games

The Group Virtual Worlds and Digital Games is concerned with technologies, systems and occurrences of Mediated Reality (including but not limited to Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Diminished Reality (DR), as well as individual manifestations of digital games (pervasive games, mobile MR games, Alternate Reality Games (ARG) etc.).


Research of the Virtual Worlds and Digital Games Group is focused on technologies and applications of Mediated Reality.

Mediated Reality is concerned with the technology-based alteration of the individual perception of the environment. On the one hand, this might be realized by integrating additional virtual content into the reality, not recognizable as artificial content by the observer (using Augmented Reality). On the other hand, objects might be removed from reality, impossible to be detected by user (using Diminished Reality). We investigate into those and other technological aspects, as well as application areas of mediated realities. Link

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Teaching is an essential part of our work. We impart practical skills and theoretical knowledge of various disciplines via different courses and practical seminars. The focus lies in the area of graphical data processing.Link

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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Broll

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