11th FLUXONICS Workshop on the Design of Superconducting Digital Electronics

In September 2022, the 11th FLUXONICS Workshop on the Design of Superconducting Digital Electronics was held in Ilmenau for the 9th time.

Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer des 11. Workshops für supraleitende digitale Mikroelektronik vom 21.-23. September 2022 an der Technischen Universität Ilmenau

Superconducting microelectronics uses individual quantised amounts of magnetic flux as information carriers instead of a multitude of electrons (as in a transistor). In this branch of integrated circuits, which has been researched since around 1991 and is close to application maturity, it is uniquely possible to combine very high processing speeds with very low power dissipation simultaneously. This makes such components interesting for processing very weak signals from very sensitive sensors and detectors, for supercomputer applications - which are being pursued in the USA - as well as for the quantum technologies that have recently also come to attention in Europe and Germany. In particular, for the reading and processing of quantum signals and quantum states in computing units of quantum computers, such circuits are currently considered promising candidates for peripheral electronic circuits.

Since the material basis is given by the use of superconductors and the exploitation of the quantum phenomena opening up, as well as by the unusual way of representing logical information, there is a need for explanation in order to make dissemination and use possible. For this purpose, the European technology organisation FLUXONICS founded a series of workshops that introduces the topic through basic and application lectures and illustrates the current status with examples. In September 2022, the 11th of these workshops was held for the 9th time in Ilmenau. International speakers addressed an interested audience consisting of students, doctoral candidates, researchers from universities, research institutes and domestic and foreign companies. A lively exchange of experiences took place over two days. In order to make this effective and for capacity reasons, the number of participants was limited to 30. However, due to the lively interest, it has already been decided to hold such an event again in September 2023.

Source: TET