Design of integrated systems

Responsible: Dr.-Ing. Steffen Arlt

target groups: 6th semester EIT, II

Course content

The lecture is addressed to all students who consider hardware development as their future field of work. The time factor becomes more and more a determining factor in the development of modern devices. In addition, more and more complex structures have to be mastered to solve tasks in today's circuit, system and device development. Understanding the basic elements and circuits alone is no longer sufficient for this. The designer is rather confronted with the necessity of a systematic design process from specification on a high level of abstraction up to the realization using CAE systems. The lecture gives an overview of the procedures and methods for the systematic design and control of complex systems.

The following focal points are set:

  • Representation of the design problem (specificity of high complexity, integration densities of the technologies)
  • Systematization of the design process of complex systems
  • Design automation System design Communication between system components
  • Structural design - high level synthesis RT and logic synthesis
  • Library mapping
  • CMOS realization of digital functions Verification


Notes on teaching in winter semester 2022/2023


The lectures and seminars take place in presence. Detailed information can be found in Moodle, self-enrollment is possible from 01.10.2022.